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We offer a wide range of performances that involve various members of our comedy collective. Generally we try to arrange performances of at least three comedians. Depending on budgets, we might arrange two comedians. For major events, we can bring in a major show of four comedians and an emcee.

All the comedy is family-friendly, language is PG. It is not offensive to any religion. While we joke about religious and political and social issues, we absolutely respect all three religions.

Comedians Aaron Freeman (Jewish), Ray Hanania (Palestinian Christian), Aaron Hanania (Jewish), Arif Choudhury (Pakistani Muslim)

Comedians Aaron Freeman (Jewish), Ray Hanania (Palestinian Christian), Aaron Hanania (Jewish), Arif Choudhury (Pakistani Muslim)


In addition to comedy performances, we also will participate in panel discussions with audiences about the power of humor, issues facing Palestinian and Israeli peace, and relations between Christians, Muslims and Jews.

Show performances may range from 60 minutes to two hours.

Israeli and Palestinian Comedy: Israeli-Palestinian comedy performance features members of our Israeli based comedians and one or more of our Palestinian comedians.

Interfaith Jewish, Muslim and Christian Comedy: The Interfaith comedy performances offer a Jewish, Muslim and Christian comedian that might include Israeli, American Jewish, Arab, Palestinian, Muslim, Christian, non-Arab Muslim.

Arab Jewish Comedy: We pair Arab and Jewish comedians together  that might include Israeli, Palestinian, Arab, Muslim or Christian comedians together to perform the show.

We have several comedians based in Jerusalem, Israel and would require transportation to and from Ben Gurion Airport.

We have several comedians based in Chicago, Illinois in the US, requiring flight transportation from Chicago Midway Airport or O’Hare Airport.

Performances generally require airfare transportation, room and board, local transportation to and from venue, and a performance fee that is negotiable.

Let us know what you are interested in discussing and what kind of show you would like.

Thank you