Israeli Palestinian Comedy Tour

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Israeli Palestinian Comedy Tour

The Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour was launched in November 2006 by Israeli author and comedian Charley Warady, Israeli author and comedian Yisrael Campbell, American Jewish author and comedian Aaron Freeman, and Palestinian American writer and author Ray Hanania.

It was a spin-off of an effort launched by Hanania in 2002 called Comedy for Peace with filmmaker and writer David Lewis.

The Israeli Palestinian Comedy Tour premiered in a performance in Tel Aviv, Israel at the Syndrome Nightclub. It continued with performances in Haifa, West Jerusalem, Beersheva, and East Jerusalem including at the American Colony Hotel.

The group went on to perform in Toronto, Winnipeg, Dublin, and at colleges throughout the United States, including in Houston, Austin, Evanston, Des Moines, and with shows at Limmud in Los Angeles.

You’ll find videos and news stories that have been written about the comedy group and performances. Contact the comedians to inquire about a possible show in your community.