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Videos of Past Performances, News Reports

Enjoy some of the videos of past performances over the years and news reports of the Israeli Palestinian Comedy Tour which brought belly laughs to Palestinian and Israeli audiences, hope, and huge disappointment when they got home, read the newspapers and realized the situation is bad. Really bad!

ABC Nightly News Feb. 4, 2007

The Feb 4, 2007 news report on the Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour in Tel Aviv, West Jerusalem and East Jerusalem featuring Israeli comedians Charley Warady and Yisrael Campbell, American Jewish comedian Aaron Freeman and Palestinian Arab comedian Ray Hanania. Broadcast on ABC Nightly News. 3:05 minutes.

Ch 4 News Report by Matt Kalman

 Historic first appearances in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv by the Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour in 2007. The tour was conceived and organized by Charley Warady and featured Charley, Ray Hanania, Yisrael Campbell and Aaron Freeman.

Reaction to Israeli Palestinian Comedy Tour

Audience members comment about the Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour following the Tel Aviv performance of Aaron Freeman, Charley Warady, Yisrael Campbell, MC Deuces and Ray Hanania at the Tzavta Theater Jan. 29, 2007.

Israeli 21 TV

Stand-up comedy collective Israeli Palestinian Comedy Tour takes a self-effacing and fresh look at loaded issues.

RAM FM Radio in Israel

RAM FM Radio’s John Berks interviews the Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour performers, Aaron Freeman, Charley Warady, Yisrael Campbell and Ray Hanania at the station’s Malha Jerusalem radio studios Sunday morning June 10, 2007. 20 minutes.

Oct 2015 Interfaith Comedy Show
Aaron Freeman, Ray Hanania, Arif Choudhury, Aaron Hanania

10-24-15 Interfaith Comedy Show from Ray Hanania on Vimeo.
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Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour video sampler

HolyLand TV News Report on the Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour

May 12, 2008. This episode follows comedians with the Israeli Palestinian Comedy, as they travel and perform in East Jerusalem. The tour and the group were conceived by prominent Arab American journalist Ray Hanania, and Israeli comedian Charley Warady. The show at the Ambassador Hotel in East Jerusalem also featured Egyptian American comic Sherif.

Comedy for Peace, look at Aaron Freeman and Ray Hanania
Produced by David Lewis, Oct. 9, 2015
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